the Best Place for Boat Rentals on the Delta!

Two families started the boat rental company in the summer of 2020 while camping together on the California Delta. We were thinking that there are no places to rent a nice wakeboard boat! We started developing a business plan and launched the business in September 2020 with two Mastercraft ski boats. Now anyone that is looking for a boat rental to enjoy watersports has a place to go! Thank you for visiting Bay Area Boat Rentals!

Bay Area Boat Rentals is your ideal destination if you want to play on the California waters. We specifically chose Mastercraft due to them having the best reputation, having the most reliable boats, and a killer wake to surf and board behind. Come visit us for your next boat rental and hop in a new Mastercraft NXT20 or Mastercraft NXT22 to get your vacation started!

Come visit us to get your vacation started!

There is no better place to rent a boat than at Bay Area Boat Rentals.

Bay Area Boat Rentals was created to cater to you! We believe in luxury and service. Each boat rental will come standard with watersport accessories from an inner tube to a surfboard. This is your all-inclusive boat rental place that no other company offers.

We know what it is like to be on the water all day and what amenities make the difference. We will be supplying each boat with drinking water, sunscreen, and safety supplies.